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About Our Studio

We shoot all still, film & video formats with a special emphasis on digital acquisition and post production. Our mobile production rig provides exceptional image post-production and video village services available right on location. In addition to our production and post-production services we also provide set and lighting design consultation services.

Chris checks the lens shade before Rip rolls on another take.

Chris checks the lens shade before Rip rolls on another take.

On the still photography front we are actively assisting in the development and promotion of www.PhotoGain.com a new concept in stock photography where the art seller is in total control of their images and put in direct touch with art buyers. When time permits we welcome speaking engagements. For more information, availability and scheduling please feel free to contact Rip Noel at rip@ripnoel.com or at 865-679-6635.

After working in commercial production and as a studio manager in Hollywood. Noel Studios, Inc. was founded in Tennessee in 1982 when Rip Noel relocated back to his home town form Los Angeles, CA. In 1995 the studio was once again relocated to Walland Tennessee where it shares space with a 20 acre horse farm.

Deborah and Lokata enjoy catching some rays.

My two favorite girls, my wife Deborah and our first horse Lakota catch some rays in the south field.

The Smoky Mountains form a beautiful back drop to the farm’s 7 acre spring fed lake which provides artful inspiration not to mention wonderful fishing.


Our 7 acre lake stretches out right in front of our log cabin.